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Our Difference

Secure Strata OC Management is sought after for its reputation as a responsive, professional and ethical Owners Corporation company who truly care.
We react quickly to ensure that our clients’ needs are actioned quickly
Devoted Care
Our clients are at the centre of our minds. We are dedicated to keeping their investment secure and cared-for.
We ensure in our manner of communication, our process of actioning items and in the expertise that we bring to the table that clients consistently receive professional and courteous service.
We keep our fee structure simple and give owners access to up-to-the minute financials. There are no disbursement fees, and certainly no hidden fees or benefit to our company from the contractors whom we use.
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Who we are

• Secure Strata OC Management Pty Ltd specialise in OC Management company and do not engage in any other property management service.
• We are based in the inner southeast, but manage strata, stratum and company share properties across Melbourne and beyond.
• We are members of Strata Community Australia Vic (SCAV)
• Secure Strata and our managers are Authorised Insurance Representatives
• We use ‘Urbanise Strata’ and My Community software and portals to assist with transparency and data presentation. Owners can view an up to the minute detailed statement of their OC’s budget, expenditure and position, post messages on their community noticeboard, pay via DEFT and more.

Positive & friendly

Key Personnel

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Alvin Diamond

Senior Consultant

(Founding Director of Property Professionals)

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Dov Shmerling

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Herman Klein

Senior Consultant

(Founding Director of VBCS)


Dov Shmerling at Secure Strata has been fabulous from the moment he took over our Owners' Corporation! He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and efficient. The turn-around times have been remarkable despite some complex and difficult situations. We are most grateful to have him managing our block. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Silvia Goldwaser


After years of poor service from one of Victoria’s largest Body Corporate companies, we are thankful for the opportunity to be served by Secure Strata.  They identified that the previous body corporate had our building operating at a loss and that the fire safety maintenance had not been carried out or even planned for.  Now under the management of Secure Strata, our financials are balanced, carefully planned and finally in surplus. Everything needed has been addressed promptly, including maintenance items large and small, negotiations with the builder and with council, an engineering report and more. I recommend Secure Strata to all owners seeking professional and responsive service and the feel that your OC Manager really cares about you.


OC Committee in Carnegie

Since our mixed-use building with multiple OC’s transferred to Secure Strata, we have had new lifts installed, legal issues and litigation professionally managed, our finances transparent and secure and the building looking better than it has in many years. Kudos to Secure Strata OC Management; a company that goes the extra mile.


Melbourne CBD


Owning a unit or suite is a significant asset and is usually one of its owner’s primary assets. As your OC managers, we attend to all maintenance, both scheduled and emergency, as directed by the committee and owners. We also proactively ascertain property maintenance needs via periodic inspections and communication with the caretakers and other contractors to bring to the attention of the committee or owners.
Property should be safe from hazards. Secure Strata engages with leading companies to ensure your properties are safe and compliant with regulation at a fair price.
Strategic Planning
Upon request, we offer owners and committee our assistance in creating a strategic plan, so that major maintenance items are dealt with in the suitable sequence and so that the OC builds a fund towards paying for maintenance items, rather being hit with unexpected, major special levies.
Your finances are prepared using Urbanise Software. Up to the minute financial information including Income and Expenditure Statement and Transaction List, Annual Financial Statement, Balance Sheet (and pie graph), General Ledger, Budget and Levies Balance are available via Secure Strata or via the owners’ My Community app.
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We are registered with SCA, BLA and ASIC. We have professional indemnity and Worksafe insurance. ASIC registration for company share and stratum properties is undertaken on your behalf, as is all required essential services.
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Annual general meetings are held each year for owners. We also inspect each property on an annual basis and meet with owners while undertaking the inspection. When needed (e.g. before embarking on a major renovation or rectification), we hold special general meetings.
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